Hello. I am the founder of Today’s CNY Woman magazine.

I direct a staff of reporters, photographers, designers, advertising execs as well as run the social media, website, marketing, advertising and partake in public speaking engagements.

My career began in the early 1990s when many publishing companies still used waxers to put together their pages. I’ve seen journalism evolve over the years to the online mogul it is today.

The majority of my days have been spent as an award-winning reporter at the The Post-Standard reporting on a variety of social issues showing how Central New York relates to statewide and national events; networking and maintaining professional relationships with numerous prominent officials and sources at all levels.

This launched me into my next chapter of my career when I was in advertising at Eric Mower Associates (originally Mark Russell Associates). Here, I delved much deeper into the online world as a content manager, responsible for project management of the creative content, research, conception, development, deployment and tailoring, as well as public speaking, client involvement and behavioral strategy assistance.

Soon after, I made my way back to publishing where I head the Scotsman Media Group publications including founding Today’s CNY Woman magazine.

In 2010, I was chosen to represent the United states  in Japan as an international ambassador for the Rotary Foundation. While there, I had the opportunity to experience occupation at Osaka University, newspapers, television station and many other businesses in Japan as part of the cultural and vocational group study exchange for young professionals.

There is nothing that substitutes for real-world experience. But in addition to all that, I have served fellowships at Casey Journalism Center, Today’s Generation Gap, as well as at the University of Maryland, Knight Center fellowship

Accolades include top national state and local honors including Best of Show, writing, photography and more. Currently, CNY Woman magazine is one of the top two free magazines in the country.

I serve on many boards and volunteer with numerous organizations including the International Center of Syracuse who named me Ambassador of they year for 2012.

As an award-winning journalist, I’ve spent the majority of my career telling your stories and at the heart of it all, that’s what I continue to do … Let me tell yours.


  1. hi cammi your lookin good that day , i love u hihi

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